Baked Eggs in a Basket

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Soft baked eggs and cheese in Canadian bacon

Baked Eggs in a Basket

My twin sister will cringe when she reads this blog post.  Sunshine was my nickname in high school.  Yep, I was quite the perky gal.  Too perky probably.  Annoyingly positive.  I’m not sure why.  Life certainly wasn’t always sunshine and roses.  But for me, survival was optimism.

Perky is nice, but I would have rather been sassy.  Like my two sassy gals.  :)   I love sassy.

Soft Baked Eggs in Canadian Bacon

Baked Eggs in a Basket with Chive and Havarti

I’ve had several comments on this blog about the word “sassy”.  Thankfully, they found the word as endearing as I do.  Although, many have verbally pondered the meaning of sassy.

So I thought I’d share my definition of sassy.  According to the dictionary, sassy has several meanings, naughty and nice. (this makes me giggle)

However, for my two sassy gals it simply means lively, bold, confident, a little cheeky and very clever.  Emphasis on the clever.

Baked Eggs and Havarti

Soft Baked Eggs with Canadian Bacon, Fresh Herbs and Havarti

I call these little lovelies “Baked eggs in a Basket”. They remind me of sunshine.  Which reminded me of my nickname years ago.  Which I hadn’t thought of for years.  My sister will call me.  She will cringe over the phone.  I love my sister.  She keeps me grounded.  But if truth be told, my sassy gals got some of that sass from their Auntie.  😉

This dish is perfect for breakfast weekdays or weekends. Only a few minutes to assemble and a few minutes to bake.  My youngest gal loves this dish with eggs that are scrambled, but I love them soft baked with a little chive and Havarti.  I probably don’t make these the same way twice.  I use what I have on hand, assorted fresh chopped herbs, Gruyere cheese and sometimes I sneak in a little Brie.  Maybe I should have called this dish “Heavenly Breakfast in a Basket”.

Baked Eggs in a Basket

Inspired by the fabulous Chef David Rocco

Makes as many as you like.  I usually make 6 to 8 at a time.  Two per person.


Canadian bacon

Fresh eggs

Grated fresh Havarti, Cheddar, Jalapeno Jack, or whatever you might have in the frig

Fresh chopped chive or other fresh herbs you may have on hand

Salt and Pepper

Veggie or coconut oil

Muffin tin


Pre-heat the oven to at least 450F.

Brush oil in each muffin cup.  Don’t skip this part even with a non-stick pan. This will help remove the baked eggs in a basket easily.

Place a slice of Canadian bacon in each muffin cup.  Then drop in one egg. Sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper and fresh chopped chive.

Top with grated cheese and pop in the pre-heated oven for about 5-10 minutes, depending how soft or hard you like your eggs.

Let the eggs cool for a minute and then remove with a small spatula.  Serve immediately. Or, you can make these ahead with scrambled eggs and re-heat when needing breakfast or a little snack.

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  1. I made those this morning for my family and they were a big hit! I used black Forrest ham and Beachers white cheddar :)

    • They are addicting! I love Beecher’s Cheddar! That’s addicting too. LOL :) Happy Weekend!

  2. I adore baked eggs, especially sassy ones! Where do you get your Canadian bacon? This would be a great weeknight dinner too if you ask me.

    • Hahaha! I like my eggs sassy too. I get my Canadian bacon at PCC Natural Markets but I believe Whole Foods also carries some good brands.

      • Oh sweet. We call the PCC in our neighborhood “the pantry” we go so often. Sold!

  3. I love this, especially for a crowd! I may try with weaved turkey bacon though since I don’t do pork. Yum!

    • Alyssa we love turkey bacon! I think it would be great with turkey bacon or even a slice of smoked turkey. :)

  4. How cute!

    • Thanks! And they’re so yummy too :)

  5. I love, love, love this idea Karista. Especially if I’m feeding a crowd. So easy to make a bunch!

    • Thanks Maria. They are so fun and easy and of course tasty. Great for a crowd!

  6. Your sunshine-y personality absolutely comes through on the blog, Karista, but I bet those sassy girls do keep you on your toes! What a fun way to serve eggs for brunch – it’s so hard to make eggs for a crowd, but this looks like a great solution.

    • Hahaha! Thanks Jess. And yes, my two sassy girls do keep me on my toes. These are so fun and easy to make and so delicious. Nice for just a few or a crowd. Happy 2013!

  7. I love the term sassy. I have a recipe for baked eggs on my to do list :)

    • Hahaha! Thanks Tandy! Happy 2013 :)

  8. I’m all over this one. I’ll try it with what’s on hand- some hempler’s bacon and cheddar.
    yum :-)

    • Oh we love Hempler’s bacon. I don’t think I can get enough of it! Friends have made this with slices of ham and certainly turkey would work well. Enjoy! Happy 2013 Wendy :)

  9. Wow these look soooo good:) I have made similar ones in mini muffin tins with more of a quiche type baked egg filling. But I can never resist a soft runny egg yolk for breakfast so Ill definitely bee having a go at these big ones!

    • My youngest daughter loves little mini quiche muffins but like you… I love that soft runny yolk! :) Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy 2013!

  10. Wow, I am definitely going to try these!

    • They are so tasty you’ll probably want to make them every morning. :) Enjoy!

  11. So easy and it looks delicious.

    • They are our new favorite breakfast! I’m thinking we’ll get tired of them soon. Maybe. :)

  12. Great looking dish. We cure our own Canadian Bacon so we will try this with the next batch (our boys will love it). Thx!

    • Oh I love good farm and home cured bacon. Do you sell online? Enjoy!

      • We do sell to friends but not online (no commercial kitchen….yet).

    • Let me know when you set up for sale online. I’ll add you to my “Products I Love” list. :)

  13. Ha! Love your story, Karista! I can relate to being “annoying positive” in my high school days. :) Except I was also kind of hyper. People would ask me where I got my energy and if I was smoking something, and I would always respond, “I’m high on life!” Kind of makes me cringe to think about it now, but I can’t deny that those were happy days.

    Love this recipe, by the way! I will be making it soon – with the brie, of course!

    • LOL! Yes, I’ve had those cringe moments as well. :) The brie is yummy on these eggs and feel just a little decadent. Coffee soon… I’ll email you some dates!

  14. Soft baked please!!! I love this dish because it reminds me of the one (my little sister) makes, whenever were home for the holidays! The best part is that breakfast is literally mess free and one pan +dishes to wash, hurrah! :)

    • I know! I love mess free and easy clean up! And they are super delicious as well. :) I’m sort of addicted now. LOL!

  15. I adore sassy! But I think I am the perky optimist as well :) I love the comment using Beecher’s cheese a favorite in our home as well.

    • Thanks Rachelle! Yes, sassy is good but perky optimist is pretty darn fabulous too. :) I think I could eat my weight in the Beecher’s cheese curds. And my youngest loves the Beechers’ GF Mac and Cheese. Feels so indulgent. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

      • Yes, we too make the pilgrimage to Beecher’s when in Seattle. Will do, we are off to the races ( my youngest has her alpine ski race championships at Alpental this weekend). Sunny days to you!


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