Tuscan Grilled Rib-eye

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Tuscan Grilled Rib-eye

Tuscan Grilled Rib-eye with Rosemary and Garlic

The sun is slowly setting, gradually creating a luminescent twilight.  With twilight comes the warm fragrance of fresh and earthy rosemary, combined with the spicy knowing scent of simmered garlic in the freshest of olive oil.

Two perfectly grilled rib eye steaks bask in the fragrant and luxurious liquid.  With just a moment of time, the tender and flavorful beef will be infused and ready to serve with the deepest ruby-red Cabernet Sauvignon.

We dined in silence, Ranger Craig and I.  Savoring every bite, savoring every sip, and feeling as if we’d been transported to a grassy knoll on a Tuscan hillside.

There is something magical about simplicity.  A Tuscan grilled rib-eye and a glass of Rocca Family Vineyards newest release, the 2009 Collinetta Cabernet Sauvignon.  A brilliant red, big without being too bold, velvet to the tongue and elegant to the senses.

I was elated to discover this lovely little vineyard on my last visit to Napa.  A small family vineyard with a beautiful story of passionate and sweet beginnings, transformed into world-class and award-winning wines.

A cool spring sunset, gastronomy at its most indulgent and a brilliant wine.  For just an evening, life was simply perfect.

Tuscan Grilled Ribeye

Serves 2-4


2-4 bone in beef ribeyes

Extra virgin olive oil (I use California Olive Ranch)

Sea salt

Fresh cracked black pepper

3 tablespoons coarsely chopped fresh rosemary

3 medium cloves garlic, thin sliced


Set out the steaks while pre-heating a charcoal or gas grill, preferably around 400F.

Brush steaks with a little oil and then season with sea salt and pepper.  Place on the preheated grill and cook to desired doneness.

While steaks are grilling, in a small pan on low heat gently warm ½ cup olive oil, rosemary and garlic.  Do not boil; just gently warm for about 5 minutes.

Pour the warm herbed and garlic oil into a large baking dish.  When the steaks are done, immediately transfer the steaks to the oil.  Coat each side of the steaks and let them sit in the oil for about 5 minutes.

Serve immediately topping each steak with the herbed, garlic and steak jus oil.  A fresh salad of spring greens topped with Smokey bleu and candied hazelnuts is the perfect complement to the steaks.

Serve with the 2009 Collinetta Cabernet Sauvignon from Rocca Family Vineyards

*This is not a sponsored post.  I just wanted to share my love and heartfelt enthusiasm of Rocca Family Vineyards wine and California Olive Ranch Olive Oil.

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  1. I. want. that. We are on Day 9 of the Whole30 and that is the perfect meal (minus the wine) for us right now! I think we would dine in silence too!

    • LOL! I’m trying not to have wine except on weekends. Honestly, during the week it makes me too sleepy. Not to mention the extra calories. :( But come the weekend… Enjoy!

  2. I love the technique of post marinating the steaks in the flavored oil – I have to try this! Genius! :)

    • Thanks Danny. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it’s an old technique in Italian grilling. Definitely worth trying. Have a fabulous week!

  3. Aw yum! I’ve never eaten bone-in rib-eye but I often cook the boneless steaks for my husband and I. Such a tender, succulent piece of meat! Love the flavours that you’ve included in the marinade. I also marinate my steaks post-cooking these days. I didn’t realise it was an Italian technique – I think I saw it in a Jamie Oliver cookbook once (though maybe he learnt it from his good friend Gennaro?!) and once I tried it, I never turned back! Thanks for sharing. Your photos are gorgeous.

    • This method also works well with the boneless. I just happen to love a bone in steak. Lots of extra flavor from the bone. :)

  4. I think it’s quite possible, that this rib eye could be my dream steak. It’s almost sacrilegious to call it (just a steak) as its such a beautiful piece of meat and is so much more than a steak. I love a post marinade rest with the steak in all those vibrant juices. It looks truly delicious Karista!

    • LOL! Mine too Alli. My favorite cut, besides the tenderloin of course. But really two totally different flavors in those two cuts of beef. There is definitely something dreamy about a ribeye :)

  5. Absolutely wonderful, I hope they were basically uncooked in the middle – nice and rare! Yummy.

    • Oh yes, perfectly rare Frugal :)

  6. Never heard of this method, where you rest the steaks in seasoned oil…I’ll have to show it to the Meat Man and see what he thinks. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Hopefully the Meat Man will love the idea. :) This is traditional in Italian grilling, a post marinade of sorts. Have a lovely week!

  7. Sounds delicious…just like the steaks in Florence.

    • I’ve never been to Florence but I can only imagine how delicious steaks would taste while dining in Italy. :) Happy Tuesday Karen!

  8. Yum – I’m not usually a red meat kind of guy, but sometimes I just crave a big delicious steak. Yours looks delicious – and I love the post-grilling marinade.

    • Thanks Bill! I don’t eat red meat terribly often, but like you, when I do eat one I love a big juicy ribeye.

  9. Fabulous – a real treat! So simple and beautiful on the BBQ and with a good glass of wine. What else can you really long for in life :-)

  10. That is a FABULOUS photo!
    Looks soooo yummy :)

    • Thank you Amanda. It was a delicious evening. :)

  11. Love Rocca Family Vineyards. Gorgeous shot! [As always!]

    • Aren’t they fabulous?! My favorite vineyard in Napa. Thanks Anastasia :)

  12. Love the look of those grill marks!

    • It was raining cats and dogs the day I shot that picture. Had to use my stove top grill pan. Just didn’t taste quite the same as the charcoal grill. :(

  13. Ohhh, this meal,makes me sigh, Karista! I love the dip in seasoned olive oil after grilling the steaks – I’ll definitely do that next time. What a beautiful photo! You’ve made me quite hungry. And the wine sounds lovely, too.

    • Thank you Hannah! It was a tasty meal…and the wine was perfection :)

  14. Simple is best and Italy is the perfect cuisine for quality ingredients and simplicity. Love seeing those whole slices of garlic. LOL..I think you are hanging around me too much…I am glad you and the hubby had some quality time together. Take care, BAM

    • :) Well I love hanging around you and your delicious blog! Thanks Bam, have a fabulous end of the week.

  15. Gorgeous, my fav steak.

  16. My favorite. Could eat it right now actually with a couple of eggs sunny side up. I remember a couple days ago it was a beautiful evening. Warm enough to sit on the porch. How’s restaurant week sizing up? Will look into this last day or two. We are in Seattle shortly. xx wendy

  17. This is so beautiful, wonderfully serene and comfy and delicious. I love it. :-)

  18. That looks like the perfect plate to me. Love the addition of fragrant rosemary!

    • Thank you! I too love rosemary. Such a perfect compliment to beef. Happy Sunday!


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